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By avoiding problems, securing your network, and minimizing technology-related disruptions, Axis provides peace of mind and confidence to small and medium-sized business partners. That's ProactiveIT. Axis provides reliable, ongoing, proactive support to your IT enterprise, allowing it to perform its primary role — enabling core business functions. Our menu of services sets up your company to successfully streamline business — with one partner managing all of your technology. In addition, we engage effectively with your senior business and technology personnel, and each layer in between. We offer remote monitoring and service for some issues, while we guarantee on-site service within an hour, when necessary.

It's all about commitment. We never strong-arm clients into long-term service agreements, and many hire us on a month-to-month basis. We'll never hold your IT hostage. At all times, Axis customers hold the keys to their own networks. We believe your IT belongs at your fingertips, and not solely in the hands of even the most trustworthy IT services professionals. It is your network, and your business's, after all. For each client, Axis creates and maintains a binder full of information such as your business' point people, and their contact details, all usernames and passwords, information about servers, managed services, remote access, simple install directions for essential equipment like your printers, and how-tos for common issues that arise. The binder also contains sheets that outline what diagnostics and fixes were performed at each and every Axis visit, preventative maintenance checklists, and licensing information on any and all software programs your business uses. Axis keeps this information updated and stored on their systems. Businesses hold the binder containing the very same information. No secrets, ever. Clients choose to work with us long-term because of the high quality of the service we provide and the proven value we deliver to their businesses. While it is our belief that it pays to be proactive, we do provide service on demand. Call us when you need us, and pay as you go.

We take pride in our people. We provide a dedicated service, unlike the "contractor-of-the-day" approach of some of our larger competitors. We treat each employee well, and as a result, many are long-term team members. Axis employees receive ongoing training and development. Our people enrich our organization and yours.


No long-term contracts EVER

Start a relationship with Axis on your terms. We'll never lock you in or hold you hostage. Our transparent approach gives you the freedom to decide what's best for your company.

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