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Axis monitors clients' servers 24 hours a day. Our service includes automatic server port checks continuously. No red flag goes unnoticed, and we fix problems as soon as we identify them. We offer clients the assurance that potential network failures are literally just blips on our radar.

Issues such as disk usage rising too quickly may not seem immediately threatening. Yet, such events can develop into full-blown disasters if left undetected. With ProactiveIT 24-Hour Server Monitoring, we constantly watch for:

  • Hack Attempts
  • Disk Health and RAID Health
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • Internet Connectivity
  • SMTP and Email Status
  • AV Pattern File Check
  • Event Log Check
  • Backup Check
  • Disk Space Thresholds
  • And So Much More


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Start a relationship with Axis on your terms. We'll never lock you in or hold you hostage. Our transparent approach gives you the freedom to decide what's best for your company.

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